Private Asset Management

There are many ways to approach portfolio management, and no one solution is right for every investor. That's why we offer Lifetime Wealth PortfoliosSM, an innovative investment advisory platform* that offers several investment strategies, accounts tailored to your individual needs and a choice of investment managers.

With Lifetime Wealth Portfolios, we identify your unique investment and protection needs and recommend the asset allocation or risk/return strategy that’s right for you. Then we help you select the investments for your portfolio according to your objectives. Our portfolios leverage our unique approach to integrating your insurance and investments, and they include ongoing management and dynamic investment strategies to adjust to your evolving needs throughout your life.

We offer several program options within the Lifetime Wealth Portfolios platform so that you can select the one that’s right for you.

Lifetime Wealth Portfolios

Sub-Advised Program

This discretionary managed account offers a choice of professional sub-advisers to manage your portfolio. These sub-advisers are among the most respected in the industry and include Brinker Capital, Ibbotson Associates, Loring Ward and Morningstar Investment Services, Inc. Each sub-adviser follows a specific investment philosophy, selecting from actively and passively managed funds and managing according to strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies.

Separately Managed Account

This account offers custom built portfolios with individually held securities, and may utilize tax efficient trading strategies. The Lifetime Wealth Portfolios Separately Managed Account program provides access to portfolio managers with specific expertise in targeted investment strategies such as Rothschild Asset Management (equities), Reinhart Partners (fixed income), and Gannett Welsh & Kotler (municipal bonds).

*Investment advisory services through Eagle Strategies LLC, A Registered Investment Adviser.


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